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29 Mac 2011

Animasi Mengenai Kebenaran Perang

Kalau korang rasa annoying tentang lagu tu, tengok jer video klip tue, sangat-sangat kreatif, dibuat seperti realiti sebenar

Note From Serj Tankian:

Borders are the gallows of our collective national egos.
Subjective lines in the sand, water and air are separating plants, animals, and atmosphere.
Fear! Fear is the cause of separation for this imposed illusion, this cordoned off space from pre-birth.
When we run out of borders, we reach infinity and unity.
As for flags, they're much less useful than toilet paper.
No one has been caused distress by running out of flags.
They become useful in times of crisis and unjust manipulative coercions pitting the victim against the victor or vice-versa.
Neoliberal globalism is failing due to its underlying imperial ambitions and the discoveries of those sinister ulterior motives.
So the ambitions have reawakened for "democracy promotion," in the past few years.
In real terms, that means promoting democracy if and only if it serves imperial ambitions.
How about we create a real democracy right here and now!
Let's allow the people to vote for or against a pre-emptive war, universal healthcare, expansion of social security, the Kyoto Protocol, the International Criminal and World Courts, and the role of the United Nations in interventions and reconstruction of devastated lands. Let's vote for how we want our taxes to be spent, directly.
Major referendums discussed and debated thoroughly representing all sides of each issue on television.
All empires represent the aristocracy in their imperial ambitions, not the general populace!
Also in dire need is a true democracy of nations.
The UN Security Council should be dissolved and the General Assembly should rule all international affairs, allowing all nations equal access to the international forum and law.
Given the truth, all human beings will collectively choose the direction of this lost, possibly last civilization.

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